Top 25 Universities in Saudi Arabia for scholarships

Top 25 Rankings

List of universities

Applicants are advised to visit the respective university website for admission details low:

S. No.Name of universitiesWebsite
1.        Jeddah
2.        Bisha
3.        Umm-al-Qura
4.        Islamic
5.        Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic
6.        Kind Saud
7.        King Abdual Aziz
8.        Hafar al Batin
9.        King Faisal
10.    King Khalid
11.    Qassim
12.    Taibah
13.    Taif
14.    Hail
15.    Jazan
16.    Al Jouf
17.    Al Baha
18.    Tabuk
19.    Najran
20.    Northern border
21.    Princess Nora
22.    Imam Abdulrahman
23.    Prince Sattam bin Abdual Aziz
24.    Shaqra
25.    Majmah

Disclaimer: HEC has only announced this scholarship program received through diplomatic channel. Potential applicants are advised to apply online on websites of Saudi universities and forward the downloaded application form to Pakistani’s embassy, Riyadh for follow up with Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia for grant of scholarships. All related queries for subject program shall directly be asked from respective Saudi university.

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